The secret to aging well

Unconditional self-love and sustainable life choices.

As people live longer, it’s more important than ever that we learn the art of aging well. At bluum, we believe that it starts with self-love and a commitment to wellness and wholeness.

Self-love isn’t earned through good looks, motherhood, marriage or accomplishments; it is detached from the myriad of ephemeral things that lie outside your control. This kind of love ultimately leads to making proactive, holistic and sustainable lifestyle choices.

Our mission and vision

Helping Women Age Gracefully and Graciously.

Despite all of the external influences telling us and trying to convince us that growing older is something to fight, it should really just be you taking care of you. And we are here to help. Our mission is simple: to help women age gracefully and graciously. Our hope is for every woman to blossom and thrive during life’s third act.

Who is Amy

Amy’s wellness journey started in high school, working at the YMCA as a lifeguard and aerobics instructor. Her passion for wellness led to a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition in 1993, a Master of Science in Exercise Science in 1995 and inspired a 15-year tenure in higher education teaching countless students about nutrition, fitness, and wellness.

Curiosity and a love for wellness would become instrumental as she aimed for a balanced life as a wife, mother to two phenomenal daughters and a skilled professional. She leaned on wellness strategies, her support systems and innate wisdom to navigate life through and after a divorce.

Midlife created another opportunity to learn to embrace change in the face of the challenges that comes with the menopausal transition.

The most pivotal experience in her journey towards holistic wellness was at the Sages and Scientists Symposium with Deepak Chopra in 2019. It introduced her to the world of epigenetics, demonstrating the power of lifestyle behaviors on influencing gene expression and the potential to limit disease.

Amy remains committed to personal growth and professional development through continuing education and earning various certifications. Most notably she completed the Brain Health Professional Certification with the Amen Clinics in 2020. Later that year, she began to imagine creating a wellness consultation business.

Shaped and informed by her thirty years of experience, Amy’s methodology marries current scientific research with ancient wisdom practices, focusing on a holistic approach to wellness that transcends physical fitness and promotes longevity.

Amy enjoys immersing herself in nature, participating in a plethora of outdoor events and embarking on new adventures.